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Gopal K Nayak
on 08/14/2003 at 08:33 AM

File ServicesBased on Netware, we allow all users to store files on the File Server. These files are accessible anywhere in the campus intranet.
Print ServiceBased on Netware, the print service allows all users to print documents on the remote printers. Currently there are 4 remote printers available.
email serviceBased on SMTP, Pop3 and IMAP protocols, our email services are hosted on a Linux based server. The email services are accessible through a Pop3 based client or our own web based interface OCS Intranet.
Internet Proxy ServiceThe internet proxy service allows all our users to access Internet Web service through a firewall
Personal Home Page ServiceBased on Apache Web server on Linux, we allow each member to have their own personal home page available on the Internet. This service allows the individual users to have dymanic web pages through Perl and PHP scripting.
Faculty Course Web ServiceBased on Lotus Notes, this service allows the faculty to maintain their course material on the Intranet. This service has the advantage of ease of usage.
Data Base ServiceBased on Oracle 8i on Windows NT and MySql, PostgreSQL server on Linux, the data base service houses all the Data of the Institute.
Discussion Forum ServiceThe Discussions forums are based on Lotus Notes. These allow the users to discuss Academic and other Issues which concern us.
Work Flow ServiceThis service is based on Lotus Notes. This service allows us to build work flow applications.
Program Hosting ServiceAll the programs in the Institute which include Licensed software, Free Ware, Educational Software are hosted on a file server. These programs are available on the LAN to authorised users.
eBook ServiceMany books in electronic format are hosted on a web server. These books are available on the Intranet.
DatabaseDatabases from CMIE, IBID are hosted on a file server in the LAN. These data bases are available in the LAN to all users.
Journal DatabasesJournal Databases from EBSCO & ABI/Inform are hosted on a file server and are available in the LAN.

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