Research World, Volume 7, 2010
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§ Seminar Reports

[S7.1] Doing Research in an Imperfect World (Ch. Hanumantha Rao)
[S7.2] Usefulness of Data Analysis in Social Science Research (Montanus C. Milanzi)
[S7.3] Longitudinal Survey: Issues and Challenges (R. K. Sinha)
[S7.4] Cultivating Transformative Knowledge (Ananta Kumar Giri)
[S7.5] Gender Disparity Research: Answering Why and How Much Questions (T. V. Sekher)
[S7.6] Research in Management Accounting: Some Observations (D. V. Ramana)
[S7.7] Researching Social Response to Natural Disasters (Paul R. Greenough)
[S7.8] Networks, Social Learning, and Open Innovation in Indian Agricultural Innovation (Andreas Mitzschke)

§ Links & Resources

[L7.1] Resources for Research Students

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