Research World, Volume 10, 2013
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§ Articles on Research Education

[A10.1] Relevance of Secondary Data for Health Policy Research in India (Feroz Ikbal)
[A10.2] Life of a Young Professional versus Life of a Young PhD Student (Paulami Mitra)
[A10.3] Becoming a Researcher by Participating in a Peer Learning Forum (Krishna Priya)
[A10.4] Introduction to the Research Tools Mind Map (Nader Ale Ebrahim)
[A10.5] Academic Integrity and Ethics (Shad Saleem Faruqi)

§ Seminar Reports

[S10.1] Visibility and Impact of Research Publications (D. P. Dash)
[S10.2] Importance of Interpretive Research in Comparative Education (Michael Crossley)

§ Links & Resources

[L10.1] Resources for Research Students

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