Research World, Volume 12, 2015
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Articles on Research Education

Developing as a Researcher by Playing Scholarly Roles (BREC 2015)
Thien Sang Lim, Siao Fui Wong, Roystance Asit

Seminar Reports

Communicating Research: Voice, Purpose, and Audience
Entigu REAGAN, Brandon Pei Hui YEO, Ee Ling KONG

Seeking Research Objectives to Study Rural Finance
Mrigakshi Das, Subhendu Patnaik

Improving Portfolio Management: Research Focus on Computational Models
Md Washim Raja, Dillip Kumar Rath

Corporate Debt Restructuring and Bank Stability: Evidence From India
Mrigakshi Das, Subhendu Patnaik, T. K. Krishna Kumar, Vidya Pujari

Business Performance of New Products: Literature Review and Research Focus
Md Washim Raja, Alok Pattanayak, Solomon James, Prajwalita A. Veronica Masih, Monalisha Ghosh

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Resources for Research Students

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