Programme Overview

This Programme is designed to contribute towards managerial effectiveness in working executives to help them further their careers in management both in the corporate sector and public systems.

The programme seeks to build on the problem-solving skills developed through specialized experience in a particular functional area. Academic inputs provided bring out the inter-relationship among various functional areas as well as the techniques in functional areas other than those in which the participant has experience.

The courses aim at providing a generalist's perspective which will enable the candidates to integrate their own function in the organisation's objectives and the larger environment. The participants are also trained in technical and functional skills such as accounting, finance, marketing, and production and are helped to develop their analytical and integrative skills so that they can define problems with clarity and adopt a methodology best suited to deal with them.

Our primary emphasis is on training the participants for collaborative team work through development of human relations skills, attitudes and values which entail a commitment to excellence, and awareness of their social and ethical responsibilities. It is hoped that the managers will become a powerful force for social and economic progress.

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